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Cardigan Garage Offers Complete Line Of Gasoline And DIesel
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At Cardigan Garage Ltd. we’re dedicated to providing top quality gasoline and deisel products to our customers. As a family owned and operated business, we truly care about the services we provide. We promise that you’ll find friendly faces and competitive prices at Cardigan Garage Ltd.

As the go-to people for gasoline locally, Cardigan Garage Ltd. is a full and self service fuel station for all of your fuel needs. We provide regular gasoline, premium gasoline and diesel fuel.  We provide old-fashion fuel service. Our attendants provide friendly fill-ups and volunteer to wash your windows. 

For customers seeking a full service gasoline station with friendly attendants, visit Cardigan Garage Ltd. today.

Simple, Easy Refueling for Disabled Drivers.

At Cardigan Garage Ltd. we’re dedicated to helping people with disabilites. Just pull in and one of are freindly staff will be happy to assist you.

Now accepted at Mobil™ stations

Earn PC Optimum points when you fill up with Synergy™ fuel at Mobil™ stations in Canada.

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Say hello to our best fuel ever

Three grades of Synergy™ gasoline are engineered with 7 key ingredients to help you get better gas mileage.

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self service gas
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